The "WHO Drink" is a beverage to provide a person with missing fluids and electryloytes orally. We like to use it in cases of diarrhea and vomiting. Also suitable for dehydration from too long parties. Our version does not taste too good because of the potassium. Is now also known as "CERT Special", but actually comes from the WHO a.k.a. World health Organization, where the drink was developed to be used in cholera epidemics in developing countries with poor infrastructure. It can be mass produced very quickly. All you need is a funnel and a teaspoon. Best based on the small half-liter water bottles. Sure, you could buy the rather expensive sachets of Elotrans or similar powders from the pharmacy for this, but this is cheaper, the material can be found in almost every household and it works pretty much as well.

Recipe for the WHO drink

Pour into a 0.5l bottle: * 500 ml water * ½ tbsp. sugar * ¼ tsp salt * Fill up with orange juice (about 20ml)

Yes, this all fits in a small bottle, there is still air to the lid.

All ingredients Bottle filled with 0,5l water. The bottle is not full!

All the ingredients, and the detail shot of the bottle. As you can see it is not full.

Filling the solid ingredients Filling the solid ingredients

Only after filling the solid ingredients and the orange juice the bottle is full.