Sanifox and a few others found the CERT at 19C3


Events: CCCamp2003, 20C3


Events: Easterhegg, ICMP2, 21C3. The Congres will be used directly for 2 unannounced CERT exercises. We teach the first time "First aid for nerds".


The Support Unit is born. Our events this year: Easterhegg, CampDiscorda, WhatTheHack, MRMCD, 22C3


The CERT Wiki is born, Events: Easterhegg, ICMP3, 23c3


The CERT uses an ambulance with its own staff for the first time at the camp, there are enough professionals now. Further events: Easterhegg, 24C3


Events: Easterhegg, ICMP4, MRMCD 25C3


Events: Easterhegg, Hacking at Random, 26C3


Events: Easterhegg, ICMP5, Froscon, MRMCD 27C3


Events: Easterhegg, CCCamp2011, 28C3


CERT turns 10 and celebrates its anniversary in Hamburg. The 29th Congress moves to the CCH, Further Events: Easterhegg


Events: Easterhegg, 30C3. The most interesting case of the year happens in the night at the Congress: Something smells like fire. It still takes us about 30 minutes to find the cause: A refrigerator is stewing. In the middle of the Hackcenter between several 100 nerds. But since there were no open flames, the smell was considered by the environment as something strange MagicSmoke and therefore ignored. We find the object, disconnect it from the power, and provide firefighting and removal.


The 31C3 gives us the night of horror or "CCCbola". The unpleasant sister of the congress epidemic welds the team together and triggers further structural changes. In the end, the CERT emerges from the event tired but strengthened. Further events: Easterhegg,


It's camp and a heavy thunderstorm that passes only 100m from the site makes us evacuate. Although it is raining cats and dogs and dark, most of the nerds behave exemplary and there are only 3 minor accidents. In the same year more than 30 people are injured by lightning strikes at other big events, in years before and in following years there are even deaths at other events. Chaos gets off with a black eye. Other events: Easterhegg, 32C3


We have to put our chemists into action for the first time. Since complaints about aching, red hands after using a certain toilet are increasing, we go looking for it. After a bit of research and a few tests, it turns out that due to a mix-up in the packaging, something has landed in a hand soap on a toilet that is not supposed to be there. Namely an aggressive caustic cleaner. The problem can be solved quickly, and there is no permanent damage and no further accidents. Events: Easterhegg, 33c3


Move. The moves 34C3 to Leipzig, here at the request of Messe Leipzig the "Firewatch shifts" are introduced and our angels learn a whole new form of patience. Further Events: Easterhegg,


Events: Easterhegg, 35C3. The special feature this year: our lifeguards come into action, in December. Don't ask for details, it was wet and cold.


The year is first marked by the Camp: this almost brings us a helicopter mission, and some firsts: the mission of a CERT beekeeper, the opening of an outpost at KidSpace, and the need to bribe the local rescue service with mate. It goes on with the Congress, and all that remains to be said is that the motto "Resource Exhaustion" was taken far too seriously from our point of view. Further events: Easterhegg,


Because of the CoViD pandemic, the CERT work looks quite different this year. All chaos events are cancelled. Instead, we will publish a daily bulletin for a while, which collects and sorts the latest scientific findings during the first peak phase. At rc3 we are rather fulfilling social needs with the digital CERT and discovering our love for quests and puzzle games


We remain excited about what the future holds