Where can I find the CERT?

Usually near the entrance of any event. But we are always well signposted

Why are you wearing those vests? Uniforms are stupid.

Our vests are not uniforms. We consider them to be duty apparel for angels who work shifts. It has many advantages for us and also for you: - If you are looking for a CERT angel on duty, you will find them quickly. - If we have to go to an emergency we are recognized and do not have to discuss with people why we are allowed to go whereever. - The vests have pockets! This is very practical because our angels carry a lot of things with them. - Even if there is a lot of action in the CERT, we can quickly see who is responsible for what in case of an emergency, because we wear different colors: The red vests belong to the medical angels on runners shift, the dark blue ones to the technicals. We also have white vests when we need to mark who is responsible for different sections or parts of a problem, and a yellow vest for the incident commander. We rarely actually use the white and yellow vests, though, and don't want to have to.

I have a whole special rare disease/speciality that you guys should know about, how do I let you know?

The best way is to email us before an event. Especially for such cases we have a document that you can fill out and bring to us. We will then file it so that all dispatchers can access it if necessary. If your problem can become life threatening we can also give you small stickers for your badge, on which it says that we have the right information under a keyword in case of emergency. You will need to fill out these slips for each event. We do not keep patient files and destroy the data each time directly after the event.

How is actually person XY that I once saw in your treatment?

We can't tell you that. If you know the person, please feel free to ask them yourself. We do not give out any information about our patients. Not even if you are worried. Even if you want to know just a little / just a hint, no. This is one of the most important basics of our work.

I need certain medications refrigerated/special storage, can you help with that?

We have a refrigerator on site at the big events just for this kind of thing for you. It is a normal household refrigerator, but we are not allowed to store everything. Please contact us if possible before the event so we can discuss this in detail.

What is that drink you always have there? that is totally disgusting/super delicious/...? Can I have the recipe?

We have prepared something: Der WHO-Drink

What actually happened to your turtle?

Look here: Rupert

Your angel wrote down my data, I saw that!!!!

If our angel didn't explicitly ask you for data, you probably saw something else: We record statistics on every event. There is a serial number, the reason why someone came to us as a keyword, a time for the beginning and end, and if you are ok with it your nick, otherwise it says "anonymous". But if we send you to a hospital or to a general practitioner, or if we think that you should go there very urgently, but you refuse, then we write a so-called patient protocol. Here you will also be asked about your data and we will explain why we need them. This piece of paper also has a carbon copy. We give you the original for the people who continue the treatment, the copy stays with us. We have to do this because of the insurance. If you have more questions: Feel free to ask us at the next event.

I have heard that you have a manual in case there is a Soyuz capsule landing on the premises, is that true?

Right. After all, we have to be prepared for anything. Or maybe we just have a lot of space-loving angels.

I have $material that I would like to bring/donate, you could certainly use that, right?

Many of you offer to bring material. Please don't bring anything unasked, but contact us beforehand and talk to us about what we need. We have our own procurement and cannot replace lost or used items that we did not order. So, before we have a mess of stuff that we don't need or have already ordered, please talk to us. Surely we will accept one or the other offer, but the whole thing should be coordinated.

I want to become an angel with you, how does that work?

First of all you should write to us and introduce yourself. Then you should have done at least a first aid course, not longer than 2 years ago. We will write you some information and get to know you a little bit. You will also get a wiki account with us, where you can read and learn some things. The next step is to go to one of our new angel briefings at the next event, where you will learn everything you need to know. Your first shifts should be done together with an experienced angel, depending on the task. NOTE: Currently we are rebuilding a bit and are not accepting new angels.

I am a firefighter, but only have an First Aid course, can you use me?

Yes of course we can! The fire protection supervision belongs to our tasks, and thus to the things in which one expects from us competence.

But I can do something else (midwife, height rescuer, CBRN training, hygiene officer), what about me?

We are also always happy to welcome different competencies to the team! If you can do something special it is hopefully very unlikely that we will need you, but it is a bit like umbrellas. You should always have them with you. We keep extra lists for this, so just come by our CERT and tell us what you can do, and give us a way to reach you. Please bring proof of qualification.