Hands, soap, water - washing hands as a superpower


  • To prevent the transmission of diseases between people: A large part of contagious diseases can be transmitted through the hands.
  • Eating with leftover solder is unhealthy ;-)
  • last but not least to prevent getting everything dirty if you have not cleaned your paws


  1. wet your hands first under running water

  2. soap them thoroughly: Palms, backs of hands, fingers, including thumb, with spaces between fingers and fingertips. Do not forget the fingernails.

  3. rub the soap thoroughly for 20 to 30 seconds.

  4. now rinse the hands thoroughly

  5. dry

  6. finish!

With what?

Plain water and soap. Liquid soap is better than bar soap if more than one person uses it.

How often?

  • after each use of the toilet
  • after changing the diapers of a small or even a big person
  • after handling waste
  • after touching animals
  • after working with dirty things
  • before every meal
  • before any contact with medicines
  • before and after contact with patients (for all who work with patients)
  • before and after treating wounds
  • In between every now and then